What is A Boutique of Pure Reason?

For those who are not so well acquainted with the writing of Immanuel Kant, A Critique of Pure Reason is widely considered by many a seminal philosophical work. Indeed, by many others it is considered impenetrable and dull.

My opinion lies somewhere between these two positions. While I do admire Kant’s methodological commitment to logical consistency, the definitive classification of all human reasoning and morality is a little bit hard to swallow in one reading. Therefore, I hereby declare the Boutique of Pure Reason open for trading. I will develop capsule collections of thoughts and musings, through which you may browse at your leisure. These collections will feature considerably more modest lines of inquiry, most likely inspired by phenomena I encounter through any number of media outlets, or indeed, even the real world itself.

Comments and questions will be warmly received. Learning together is always more fun, after all.



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